You empty yourself and wait, listening.  — Annie Dillard

Into the Furnace is a writer-in-residence program in Braddock, PA. The selected writer is housed in a two-room suite in the former St. Michael’s parochial school convent, which is located beside UnSmoke Art Space, across the street from the Edgar Thompson Works, and beside the community pizza oven. Into the Furnace offers an adventuresome creative person, whose work and work ethic can benefit from the energy Braddock has to offer, up to 9 months of creative work time at our urban residency.

Our 2011-12 resident was Josh Barkan.

Out of the Forge is a writing residency for post-MFA graduates. It allows time and space for an emerging writer to focus on his/her craft as well as engage with the Braddock community. Housed in the convent building next to UnSmoke for 6 to 9 months, the writer-in-residence becomes part of the heart of Braddock’s burgeoning literary community.

Our 2013-14 Out of the Forge resident is Maryann Ullmann.

Our 2012-13 Out of the Forge resident was Sarah Leavens.